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Tactical Flashlight
Tactical Flashlight
Tactical Flashlight
ABP Tactical

Tactical Flashlight

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With over 800 lumens illuminating your way, you will enjoy the convenience the lightweight ABP Tactical flashlight offers. The rugged military design will feel comfortable in your hands. The USB rechargeable battery enables you to charge it anywhere you would charge your phone.

Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

Features: Full-Semi-Low-Strobe-SOS

Brightness: Over 800 Lumens

Tactital Zoom Focus: Yes

Weight: 131 g

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Hear it From Our Customers

Customer Testimonials

William K.
Yesterday at 6:31 AM
Houston, TX

"Got everything and all is good, thanks. Using it on duty as we speak. Best pen I have had in 33 years as a police officer!!!!!"

Andrei M.
Yesterday at 7:56 AM
Phoenix, AZ

"I am quite favorably impressed with your order and shipping process. Very nice. I'm also pleased with my pen. It feels like it is nicely finished, it is smooth and functions as advertised."

Jason D.
Yesterday at 5:31 PM
Scottsdale, AZ

"Got my pen thanks. They are nice and write nice. Wife loves the pink 1. She will be using it a lot she's a nurse."

John G.
Yesterday at 12:01
Brooklyn, NY

"To be honest, your pen has most if not all the functions. So having the ability to be able to choose whatever ink cartridge they want will definitely make sells go thru the roof. I love your product."

Marty B.
Yesterday at 8:02 AM
Houston, TX

"I bought one of these. Great pen. Nice weight to it. I use the tip for all kinds of things. Opening boxes, breaking tape seals, tearing, marking wood, etc."

James S.
Yesterday at 11:12 AM
Portland, OR

"I got them today thanks they are bad ass looking pens. Will be getting more very soon. And that's the fastest I have ever got anything I ordered online to good work on your part."

Always be Prepared

Why Get an ABP Tactical Flashlight?

You’ll be the envy of your friends with your ability to scan over 800 meters with bright white light, and the versatility of the water resistant casing makes this flashlight a top performer in any kind of weather. Designed with aircraft grade aluminum, and equipped with four modes (Full-Semi-Low-Strobe) as well as an SOS mode, means you’re always capable of tackling the dark or silently signaling when circumstances demand.

Why ABP Tactical Shovel Are Special

Prepare Yourself for Any Situation



These devices are ergonomically designed, so they are as comfortable to use when signing an important contract as they are when saving your life in an unplanned situation.

With the world throwing unique situations at you every day, our tactical pens with their one click activation will be a handy addition whether your day is humdrum, or going off the tracks. Strong enough to demolish the glass in your vehicle when it’s becoming submerged, but comfortable enough to hold in your fingers for hours. You may not need this tool every day, but on the day you do need it, you’ll be glad it’s in your pocket.

The Only Flashlight You Will Ever Need

Free Shipping on all orders!

Customer Reviews

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Bryan F

Yesterday at 1:39 AM Washington, DC

Bright as hell with good looks to boot. Long battery life.


Dennis J

Yesterday at 1:08 AM Boston, MA

Got the tactical flashlight and i love it.


Dennis Ryan

Yesterday at 1:39 AM Amarillo, TX

Love the flashlights. Going to order 3 more.


Derek D

Yesterday at 12:01 PM Brooklyn, NY

Holy crap that little light on the pen is bright!

Was delivered yesterday. Holy crap that little light on the pen is bright! Yet another great product guys! Thank you!!!!


Doug B

Yesterday at 5:31 PM Scottsdale, AZ

Flashlight works great!!


Jerry Horn

Yesterday at 1:39 AM Washington, DC

The light is bright as expected.


Steve R

Yesterday at 1:08 AM Boston, MA

Flashlight is kick ass!.

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A Prepared Individual is Ready for Any Situation

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