The ABP Tactical Pen was originally created for undercover agents for use in assignments where firearms and other more obvious forms of weaponry were not recommended. Its popularity has since exploded and we're pleased to now have authorization to distribute the ABP Tactical Pen exclusively to the United States general public. We have maintained the original design and use the same high quality materials and take pride in manufacturing a tactical pen that gets the job done right every time.

Tactical gear is designed to perform by delivering quality and convenience in one package. It means easy deployment in tough situations or everyday use. ABP Tactical is practically sized and easy to carry wherever you go. Ready to use in any situation, even when you least expect it, our gear is cleverly designed with light weight metal alloys that are also rugged enough to help you get out of a sticky situation. Tactical means that you may never need to use it, but when you do, you've got options.


At ABP Tactical, your safety and preparedness motivate everything we do. Our product line of tactical gear is designed to optimize the performance of any individual. Regardless of what you have to encounter each day, our goal is to ensure you’re ready to meet those demands head-on, every time. We’re driven by you to perform better every day. We provide premium tactical gear that will give you the confidence and assurance that your safety is secure. Our clients include military personnel, law enforcement, students, Do-it-yourselfers, and ordinary citizens. Our concern for safety is only exceeded by our concern for meeting the needs of our customers. We built our company to serve you better with our, world-class customer service which stands behind designs that incorporate the, ‘latest and greatest’ technology in all of our products. Our shipping is fast and hassle-free. Our gear is premium and dependable. We aim to satisfy your needs, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, we know that being prepared also means having good support.

Our Story

ABP Tactical was started by a pair of friends - Randy and Alex, who have both been long time fans of tactical equipment and wanted to bring high quality tactical products to the public.

Since they were kids, Randy and Alex have been experimenting with tactical gear - trying different combinations and making their own DIY setups. Finally, after receiving encouragement from friends in military and law enforcement, they decided to take their dream to the next level.

"When we set out to create the tactical pen we wanted to make a device that was accessible to the everyday person. We wanted to provide quality, practical gear for people to carry with them everywhere. I was walking into a movie theatre and I saw a no guns sign and I thought, How the hell am I going to protect myself in case someone comes at us? I can throw my phone at them? Maybe use my keys? But that doesn’t really work. Alex came to me with the idea that a simple pen could be used and carried anywhere, as no one gives it a second thought. We wanted something that was fairly inconspicuous but could stand up to the rigors of heavy use and also be used as an emergency survival tool.

So that led to us creating the tactical pen. This in turn led us creating the second iteration, the Survival Pen. I never leave home without mine. The Survival Pen has an 80 Lumen LED flashlight built into it, and I use it daily. If I take out the trash and the side light on my house is out I use my flashlight. Sometimes when I’m in a dark restaurant it is hard to see the bill, so I use my flashlight. For the multitool, if I need to open a box it has that function, as well as the screwdriver and bottle opener. Most of all I like that it can be used to break glass or as a self-defense tool. I carry a knife and gun with me but my survival pen can be taken in to places that I can’t carry those."